Where it all began...

Hello there!

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Sarah, proud owner & illustrator, here at Silver Sun Paper Co. I grew up surrounded by the beautiful outdoors of North Carolina, making the Western Carolina Mountains and my family, home. I made a big move and headed to New York City where I lived for several years, before continuing my adventures to San Francisco, CA. My journey ultimately made full circle and led me back to my native tromping grounds, North Carolina. It’s been fun as well as an inspiration. A favorite phrase of mine has always been “Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic!"

As a child I would spend many an afternoon reading picture books, and one of my very favorite's was Tumble Tower by Anne Tyler. I have always loved both drawing and writing imaginative stories; as a child on Sunday's service I would sit beside my dad and be busy doodling away in my sketchbook. My silly characters would travel from my imagination to paper.

Sharing and celebrating life's important moments to make people smile through my work has always been special to me. My passion for making something unique and custom for people, family, and friends eventually led to Silver Sun Paper Co.

Thank you so much for your support and visiting my shop!


Sarah | Owner Silver Sun Paper Co.